Improve Your Website’s Rankings. Perform Full SEO

Help Improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Perform a full SEO health check 
on any website.

Uncover technical mistakes that
may affect your rankings.

Find out why competitors outrank you, 
then beat them!

Keep tabs on your competitors 
to spot keywords you should target.

Monitor your search engine rankings
so you know where to focus your efforts.

Find respected link partners 
and build quality backlinks, easier.

Trusted by over 400,000 webmasters worldwide
to research, monitor & drive traffic to their websites.

Free Download 

How to Get Traffic Travis

There are two versions of Trafic Travis – free and Pro. You can download the free version here: Download Trafic Travis.

Traffic Travis requires an activation code to be able to activate all the functions of the product. You’ll need to register with your email address in order to use it, as it sends an e-mail with the activation code. Once this code has been received, click on the Traffic Travis download option then the product can be installed on your computer, and activated.

I recommend that you try the free version before you look at upgrading to Pro.

Using Traffic Travis

Once the installation has been successfully completed, you should open “projects” and add any new websites, providing the required details. In addition, you can add keywords you want to monitor. Setting your country in the database will allow search engines to return much better results. Sitemap links should be added as well. Once all the settings are complete, click “save project”.

The dashboard is where you can find information about your website. The program contains several sections, such as “My Site”, “SEO”, “Research” and “PPC”.

The “My Site” section does a complete analysis of your web pages. This is where you can find backlinks, keyword ranking and page rank, among other things. It can get a little tedious since keywords need to be added manually.

The “SEO” section is one of the most powerful sections of the program. In this section you can analyze the competition, as well as see details about your competition’s pages have.

The “Research” section allows you to do domain research, or a keyword research, using the keyword research tool.

The “PPC” section allows you to find pages that are using Adwords or AdSense, and market research to help your business to grow.


The Exact software the SEO Professionals use
to rank websites like yours

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 How Much Does It Cost?

Traffic Travis V4.0 Pro comes with an annual subscription of $97 and offers 60-day money back guarantee. I suggest starting with free version and once you are comfortable with this SEO tool and see it’s benefit, you can download Traffic Travis Pro. (At this time, there is no monthly option or lifetime access option available).




“Over 10,000 unique visitors”

Over the past 6 months, the learning curve has been steep, but the results are finally materializing. This February, my site reached over 10,000 unique visitors, and is oftentimes close to 1,000 visitors daily.Andrew Kieser
Business Dev, Instant Front Page

“We dominate our niche”

Since investing the time to learn good SEO strategies, using tools such as Traffic Travis, we have come to dominate our specific niche, event photography for the Asian community in the UK.Clwyd Probert
Director, Pixcellence Photography

“400+% increase in income”

…enjoyed a 400+% increase in income because of my efforts – none of which would have worked had it not been for this software.Larry Perry
CEO, Perrydyse Marketing


“I now make a full time living online… I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy”

When I first started internet marketing, I got my hands on a copy of Traffic Travis. Honestly, at the start I just got it because it was a free tool… I really wasn’t expecting much from it.

But I was pleasantly surprised! I’m glad I did, because it’s one of the most comprehensive keyword research tools around and the best thing is, the trial version is FREE!

Jackson Lin
Founder, Jacksons Marketing

“I sincerely recommend to any internet marketer serious about Search Engine Optimization”

Traffic Travis has provided enormous benefits in getting my keywords ranked by Google. I went from zero to number 2 for a couple of keyword phrases in just a few months. I am recently retired and knew nothing about SEO.

John Whiteley
Founder, Small Business Navigator

“Every single client holds at least a couple of #1 spots – along with tons of top 3 and top 5 positions”

I’ve been providing on-line marketing services for small businesses since 2003, and before I found Traffic Travis I had to use multiple (high priced) programs to get the job done.

I was using one program for on page analysis… and a different program to assess the competition… and another to drill down to find profitable keywords… and another to make reports.

Mack Marconi
SEO Consultant

“There’s no need to purchase other SEO software”

Traffic Travis is by far one of the best purchases I’ve ever made online. I’m totally sincere when I say this — it has more than paid for itself. There’s no need to purchase a bunch of other SEO software when you have everything you’ll need right here inside Traffic Travis.

Darryl Hudson

“Easy peasy… and my clients love the reports!”

Before I found Traffic Travis I was spending an exorbitant amount of time putting reports together for my clients showing where their rankings in the search engines stood.

With Traffic Travis I can track rankings, page warnings, check backlinks, do keyword research … Essentially keep tabs on what’s going on with everything. It brings everything together and I can just save it as a PDF and send to my clients. Easy peasy … and my clients love the report.

In short: Great tool and superb support!

Susan Bridges

“It’s so simple to use.”

I like Traffic Travis because it is so simple to use.

I love the quality and quantity of data that Traffic Travis gives me. I use it for my sites and my client sites, and the data I can access is incredibly valuable to growing my business.

I’ve purchased a lot of software in my  years of working online. I’ve owned Traffic Travis for 2.5 years now, and I would buy it all over again at full price. That’s the highest compliment I can give to any product!

Stephanie Trahd


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As far as free SEO software goes, the standard version is an invaluable tool to have in your arsenal. It tracks ranks quite accurately, gives you a useful overall picture of the health of your website, and can help with performing competitive SEO and PPC analysis.

The free version is well worth downloading. Start by downloading the free version of Traffic Travis, and get to know how the software works and its functionality first.

Is the pro version worth spending money on? I think it is, however, you should build up some experience with SEO, before upgrading, or if you genuinely need to have the extra functionality (like the ability to add more projects, research more keywords, etc.). Once you’ve spent some time using the free version, you can decide whether upgrading to the Pro version is worth it for you or not.

Overall, I recommend Traffic Travis.













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