How To Produce Killer Content By Choosing The Right Niche

Choosing The Right Niche

As online marketers, we sometimes want to be everything to everyone. But the reality is, if we specialize and focus on one area, we can do our jobs better. We didn’t do that in our old jobs, why would we do it now. Finding your content niche is one of the major ways you can differentiate yourself and your content program. Focusing on one or two areas in particular can help you produce better content.

Go With Your Passion

I can tell you that this has to be the most debated aspect when it comes to finding a business niche. But you know what’s more important than that? It’s the fact that it has worked for many.

Passion is no doubt good for business because its success largely depends on that. Think of it this way. When you have a genuine passion for what you do, you will do everything in your power to succeed and avoid failure. That means you will take risks, you will be ready to learn new things, and more importantly, embrace challenges.

Passion can take different angles. You can be passionate about the product or service, or you can just have the passion directed at the idea of being a business person. For instance, the latter mostly applies when you are after solving problems with the aim of making a profit out of your solutions.

Should you worry about any of these? Definitely not. What’s really important is the passion itself. It’s what drives you.

So, go ahead and launch a business on an idea you care about deeply. If you talk about it all day, spend hours upon hours researching it, or you continuously seek experiences in it, that’s the right thing to turn into a profitable idea.

If you have several of these, narrow down your list to those you are willing to stick with no matter what. Remember, there will be a rough side of things, just as there is with every business, and genuine passion for what you do will be among the many things that will see you through it.


Look For Problems You Can Solve

One of the most common mistake many failed businesses make is trying to create a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist or one they never examined closely.

Take a closer look at successful startups such as Airbnb and Uber or the major brands of our times, like Google, and you will realize they were first driven by a need to solve a particular problem. Even your local café that does home delivery for pizza tried to solve something.

The fact is, many consumers face different types of problems and are always looking out for solutions. And if there’s one, they will be more than willing to seek out those that are better and smarter.

In your effort to find proper niche market ideas, pour your focus into finding these problems and when you do, find solutions that match them perfectly.

Usually, consumers will have needs, and it’s up to you to dig deeper and set aside what you would call pressing needs. Examine the solutions available (if any) and look out for ways to make yours better.

If you’ve never sat down with or listened to what consumers complain about or go through every day, this is the perfect time to do that. You can start with online forums. Here people talk about a range of things and the discussions mostly revolve around looking out for solutions. A good example is Quora.

Search engines are also another place where people spent time searching for solutions to their different problems. As you will see later, there are ways you can leverage this opportunity and end up with unique niche business ideas that could turn into profitable ventures.

Go Where The Money Is

At the end of the day, your goal is to make profits, which means whichever idea you will end up with has to have the potential to make money. In technical terms, this is referred to as financial viability.

When you have a list of ideas and not sure which one to pick, this is an aspect you should really pay attention to. You can go about this in several ways.

First off, if there’s competition, it means there’s something to gain, and in most cases, the gains are always enough for those who do the proper thing. On the other hand, if no other business exists in your niche, chances are high it’s not profitable unless the niche is incredibly unique, has never been explored before, and there’s demand for it.

Remember what we mentioned earlier about researching your competitor? Great. If you ever decide to pick a niche in a competitive market, put into consideration the aspects we mentioned.

Keep in mind that it’s still okay not to start a business with a product that’s never been offered before. Sometimes, adding a little creativity to an existing product is all you need to rise above your competition.

Also, if you have satisfactory answers to these three questions, it means your idea stands a better chance of being profitable. They include:

  • Is your idea a solution to a problem facing your intended target market?
  • Will people offer money in exchange for your solution?
  • Are there enough people to buy your product?


Why Does Specialization Matter?

If you’re a new blogger and trying to establish yourself in a market, it’s best to write about what you know or are most passionate about. Trust me it will make what you write not seem like work at all.

By doing so, you can write a more engaging piece of content, and hopefully, it will be well-received by your audience. Your readers will benefit from your experience and insights and it will definitely show in your writings. You will have real-world anecdotes and examples to share.

When you don’t have specialized content and you’re trying to serve everyone, your inexperience can show through in the form of high-level content that really says nothing. It may also take you a lot longer to write a post because you have to research or ask a lot of questions since you don’t know as much about the subject area.

For example, if baking from scratch is your passion and you decide to write a baking blog, you’re probably going to stay interested and engaged and have ideas flow pretty easily.

However, if you decide you want to add in content on cars because you want to partner with a car company in the future, but you really don’t know anything about cars, how much will your readers benefit? Will they learn anything new from you — or in the end, will they feel like their time was wasted by reading a piece of content that told them nothing?

Have you ever read a blog post and felt like it was a complete waste of time? What was your reaction?

In content marketing, it’s important that we know our subjects well in order to deliver high-quality content. Google rewards great content that includes insights, data, details and images — content that tells a story and helps readers better understand their initial query.

Specializing Will Make Your Work Easier

Specializing leads to better results, whether you’re in-house or at an agency. When you’re in-house, you basically are a specialist because your brand or product serves as your niche.

You should know more about the brand or product than others outside of your organization. It should be easy for you to anticipate the questions your customers will have. And you should be able to create great content that answers those questions.

When you know your subject matter well, it’s easier to determine which content format you should use and how to re-purpose content and create pieces that support each other.

You can specialize in an agency environment, too

Being in an agency environment can have its challenges, but you can find your own niche market whether your agency defines theirs or not.

If the agency specializes in one area, then it’s a bit easier because they’ve chosen a niche market, and most of your client work will be related to that market. You’ll naturally become more of an expert in that area because you focus on it on a regular basis.

If you’re with an agency that hasn’t specialized or chosen a niche market, you can create your own. Even in an environment with multiple clients and verticals, you can choose to specialize in one part of content marketing.

It may not be your entire job function, or even within your job title, but having an area that you specialize in will help you provide better recommendations for your clients.


Choosing A Niche That Is Right For You

One question you need to ask yourself is, “What are you most passionate about?” Is there an area that you find yourself reading about on a regular basis and continually wanting to learn more about? That’s a perfect niche opportunity for you. I personally had trouble choosing a niche when I started myself. I want to make blogs about a lot of things but, I ended up choosing one that would not be a burden to write about daily.

Maybe you’re most passionate about video marketing, and you want to know everything there is to know about video — which is not a bad area to specialize in, given how important video is to marketing in general and the growth it’s expected to see in the next few years.

You can learn about video and apply what you’ve learned from one client to the next. The industries may not be the same, but your background will help you develop strategies and answer questions about video in general.

You’ll know what’s worked and what hasn’t been as successful. You’ll know what clients should do to have better engagement and stronger results from their efforts.

How Choosing Your Niche Helps You Stand Out

When you talk with clients or customers, your knowledge and passion will come through. They’ll look to you as an expert and trust your recommendations more than if you don’t have a niche area. People will come back just to see want other valuable information you have for them. It may take a while but, If you focus on writing killer content, then google will definitely find your post. They just have to stand out from the rest, make them different.

With many things in life, when you try to do everything, you do nothing really well. And with content, or marketing in general, when you try to help everyone, you have to remain so high-level that it’s not really useful. Don’t create content that tries to serve everyone. By specializing in one area, you can grow your knowledge, and in turn, provide more value to your readers, employer and clients.

The thought of launching a startup often feels good, but many who do it get stuck when it’s time to determine the right niche business ideas. Are they easy to come by? Probably not. That’s why very few people succeed in finding the right niche for their business. But, we must always think positive and just get up and do it. It will definitely not going to an easy road but, it is something that can be done with hard work and focusing on the things that are important, which is to be honest and write great content.


Final Thought

You will have a higher chance of success when you limit yourself to a niche. Going too broad has its limitations, the least of which being that it may take you longer to rise to the status of your competitors and that your chances of succeeding could be a little narrower if you are a small business.
Choosing a niche will, however, boost your chances of success, first, because it’s a little easier to describe what you do or offer to your customers, and secondly, due to the fact it makes it easy to target a niche that is likely ready to make a purchase decision.

Then again, we’ve even made it easier for you to find your niche business ideas. By opting to go with your passion, looking for problems to solve, investing in proper research, and focusing on where the money is, you will cleverly narrow down your search to a niche market idea that is sure to work for you.

And once the viability of the selected niche is confirmed, don’t hesitate to start planning and executing it and you won’t be disappointed.



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